What is Paintball?

The "Sport of Paintball" has been in existence since 1982 and caters to players from all walks of life. It's the adult version of "capture the flag" and "tag".

Paintball markers are used to mark opponents out of the game with splatters of washable non-toxic paintballs.The sport has demonstrated a great forum for teaching teamwork, good communication skills, leadership, as well as providing aerobic exercise and healthy fun.Instruction as to how to play and how to use our high quality gear is provided by our knowledgeable referees who also supervise all Paintball activities.

We are a private club. All are welcome to join us.

Who Plays Paintball?
EVERYONE! Men and Women from all walks of life have experienced the adventure! There is a place on the team for everyone. You must be at least 12 years old to play. Parent/Guardian consent is required for players under the age of 18. No experience is necessary, and we cater to the beginner. Come alone or bring all your friends.

What to Bring
  • ID for gun deposit (Drivers license, Major credit card)
  • Rugged footwear
  • Appropriate clothing: The ideal clothing would be to rent one of our CAMOUFLAGE SUITS FOR $5 PER PERSON PER DAY. Otherwise, dark, long-sleeved shirts and long pants would be best. you don't want to be seen! Wear your sammies. Our paintballs do not stain.
  • Cash % credit cards - NO CHECKS

Paintball Is Good For:
  • Family
  • Birthday Parties
    Company outings/picnics
    Team building
    Bachelor parties
    Groups of friends getting together
    Church groups
  • Come alone of with friends


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